Thank You for Your Love

Thank you.

For your love gives me strength

especially when I need it most.

It surrounds me with health

and of course, stability.

With the responsibility you have towards me

and I towards you

comes dependability.

I am happy to say

that I am able to depend on you even when you’re far away.

I know I can speak on your behalf as well.

Thank you,

for your love, loyalty, faithfulness, generosity,

and much, much more.



Written by: Dorita C.

Thank You

All the smiles you have brought me

along with all the laughter

I have experienced with you,

I am happy to say that

there is more good than bad between us.

The memories are incredible.

Every memory that comes to mind

I am either smiling,


or at ease because of you.

I am happy.

I appreciate you.

I am thankful for you.

Thank you.



Written By: Dorita C.

Ex’s Current Ex

Dear my ex’s current.

I understand that you hate me,

but that’s not a reason

for you to stalk me.

If you know about me

it is because he told you about me.

No. I was not horrible to him.

Not that he said that.

I understand that the things he said about me

were good things regarding me.

And some he probably shouldn’t have shared with you.

But here’s the thing.

There’s a reason he’s my ex.

I am however far away.

Not that me being far away is the only reason.


When you appeared on my social media

you gave me a reason to suspect that you are insecure.

But I gave you the benefit of doubt

since he was at the time your boyfriend

and still had me as a friend on social media.

As time went by it got to the point

that I had to block you and him.

And you and I weren’t even friends there.

Since you had already gone through my social media

by using his account you were able to see who my friends are.

The thing that really made you a stalker

is the fact that you started messaging my friend

to try to gain information about me.

Darling that was a bad move.

That friend would show me the messages

and send me screenshots.

It got to the point where you started asking

my friend if I was at a certain store “last night.”

Which yes I was.

Our question was,

“How did you know that?

Especially since I moved to a different city

and I have never met and never heard about you

before my ex told me about you.”

Did you ever stop to realize what that made you look like?

A stalker.

And no offense but I knew you two would not last.

Why? Because I know him.

And because I thought you and him truly did deserve each other.

If I had to give you any clues as to why,

it is because I kept him grounded

you got him into trouble right up to the point

of him almost getting arrested.

And the time he was with you

he thought about me,

at least that’s what I was told.

When you guys ended he quickly became relieved.

I sent my friend, his best friend screenshots of the messages

between you and my friend to give to my ex

and he had never felt more relieved to have you out of his life.

And guess how long it took him to come running back to me?

Especially since he found out that I didn’t send the screenshots

sooner because I didn’t want to come between you and his relationship.

And because I didn’t want to well…deepen your insecurities

and eventually become a problematic stalker.

You see. Sucking a man’s dick only goes so far,

but a real connection goes a long way.




Written by: Dorita C.






Hard to Write

It is hard to write

when your health is

about to be determined

by the tests you have done.

Awaiting the results

time seems to go by slowly.

To even think about writing

is too hard on your mind.

So you wait.

And you wait.

And you wait some more.

Writing placed on hold.

Not that you want to,

but because your mind is somewhere else.

So you wait.

Before writing again.



Written by: Dorita C.

I Am Scared

Dear My child.

My dearest sweet child.

Your mother is hoping

that you really truly are there.

She hopes that you exist

and that soon she will feel you

in her stomach,

in her womb.

She hopes that when she goes to the doctor,

the doctor will say,

“Yes. You’re with child.”

“Yes. You have a blessing inside you.”

A little miracle

sent from heaven above

to await the day for which he or she

is due to begin his/her journey in this life.

A miracle, a miracle, a miracle.

Oh how I am scared to lose you.

I am scared to go to the doctor

do the test and find out you don’t exist.

Do the test and find out

it is yet another false alarm.

I am scared

and I am afraid.

I want you to exist.

I want you to be real,

but I know not to have my hopes up.

If you are there, I will not give up.

even  if I continue to be scared

once you enter this world,

I promise to provide you

with all you need to be

a good, healthy, wise, successful, inspiring, giving, amazing human being.

My child.

My dearest child.

I am scared to lose you.

I have always wanted you.

I have always yearned to be able

to hold you in my arms

and give you your first hug

and your first kiss

on your perfect little forehead.

My child,

if I ever fail

just know that my love is true.

I love you.




Written by: Dorita C.


The Man at The Sports Bar

Once upon a time there was a woman name Dorinda who walked into one of her favorite places to eat with a friend. On the way there, as they walked, they saw new faces there. The Sports Bar had hired new workers.

Once inside, the two women saw that it was packed. There were people all over the sports bar. Dorinda and her friend ordered their food and made their way over to the crowded pickup area and when they turned around they saw a man standing behind them who then looked directly into Dorinda’s eyes and said,

“Hi. How are you guys doing today? I’m Mitchel. Just want to let you know that if you ever need anything just come here and I got you.”

She responded with laughter in her voice. “Okay.”

She started walking towards the cashier but stopped to sit on the chairs to the right of the cashier where the counter was. As she and her friend walked they both realized that the man was shadowing them. As they sat to wait for their order to be ready he began to talk and as he starred into her sterling gray eyes.

“Yeah. Like I was saying if you ever need anything just come by here and I got you.” He said flirtatiously.

She responded with dismissive laughter and giggles as she turned to her friend with a look almost as if to say, “Another one. Not again.” And the man went back to work.

Days went by where she would go get food and he would try hard to get in her life to no avail until she finally gave into it and decided to at least give him her number as he had offered to buy her a beer after work. Ever since she gave him her number he would not stop texting and calling her. All of that was fine by her until time went by and she kept keeping up inconsistencies in his behavior, his actions, and in his words so when he finally removed the mask which revealed his true nature, she was glad that she didn’t fall too deeply for him.



Short story by: Dorita C.




Dear Reader,

Welcome to dcbrandz. I hope you have fun exploring my site and enjoy reading my poetry. It means a lot to me that you have chosen to visit my site. I hope you enjoy it as much as others.

From time to time there might be posts that will not be poetry but a lesson I have learned through my experiences and/or through the experiences of others whether it may be character(s) in a movie(s) or music.

I hope you grow fond of my site and that you share it with others and invite them to visit here.

Thank you so much.




A  little girl.

Playing in the garden.

Chasing butterflies.

Many wings,

many colors,

different shapes,

different sizes,

oh what beautiful creatures.

So wonderful,

I’m excited as these butterflies

fill me inside

with such joy.

I am enlightened

with such joy.

I am not just filled with butterflies,

I am surrounded by them.

’til this day,

my love for butterflies

is still intact.

Still going strong.”



Written by: Dorita C.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Should I stay with you

Or should I go? 

Should I continue to stay

And work hard?

Or should I go and try something? 

I got there knowing what I wanted. 


I thought I had that part figured out,

But I guess I was wrong. 

Maybe it’s the fact that I have been 

doubting myself too much. 

You’re very artsy. 

Both hand and computer wise. 

You’re flexible.

In your comfort zone. 


But the other, 

Can stretch outside the comfort zone. 

Very flexible. 


Should I stay 

Or should I go? 

Graphic design you are amazing 


advertising is calling me

and I feel it’s more flexible. 

In truth, I’m already half way there. 
Written by: Dorita C.

Love and Promises 

The love and promises 

That you made to me

Were nothing more

Than a reflection of who

You pretended to be.

You know what hurts more? 

The fact that I could see 

Who you truly are 

but stupid little me

still continued to stay. 

– Dorita C.