​Mister, Mister. 

To her you were sweet and kind.
To me you give shit and crap. 

You fantasize about me,

but your heart is still with her.

Mister, Mister.

I’m going out of my mind.

Please let me know,

What’s really going on. 

I gotta shit ton to do,

To the point I can’t handle a shitty mister.

I give a whole ton of shitty lot.

I try and try and try,

but still you live in your own world.

You’re busy, busy, busy.

And have things you don’t like.

Don’t forget, you have your limits.

I’m also busy, busy, busy.

But I still MAKE TIME for you.

I also have things I don’t like.

Remember, I too have my limits.

So Mister, Mister, Mister.

Please realize that it’s not just about you anymore.

Written by: Dorita C.

My Child

Dear Child,

My lonely starving Child.

Although I am not your mum,

fact that you exist that makes you mine.

I see your dry tears

your bone through your skin

your diminishing soul through your eyes.

I see the passers-by with more wealth than you 

Just pass you by.

I see the passers-by with more wealth than you,

look and go on by. 

Your mum abandoned you.

Your dad abandoned you.

Your mum starved to death.

Your dad was killed.

Though they do not know your situation

still they blame your parents.

To most that pass on by

you’re just a blur.

To most that pass on by

you’re invisible. 

But to me My Child,

I see you and your beauty.

Your enhanced strength showing

as you’re still holding on.

I call you My Child with a capital C

because you’ve always been and still are human to me.

My Child.

Your mum is gone

along with your dad.

But your other mum is still here with open arms.

Ready to embrace you.

You are not without. 

My Child. 

Dorita C.

My Heart

My heart is open to you,
but it feels like you’re far away. 

I’d like to hear you say the words,

but I’m not sure about your reaction

If I were to ask.

Asking to hear you say those words

it is not something that I should have to even do.

I’m here.

You have me,

but you act as if you don’t even care.

At least that’s what it feels like to me.

And I can see that the people around us 

have been noticing.

And I know that you,

once again,

are wrong.
Written by: Dorita C.


Do you even notice that my heart is broken? 

Do you even care that the stars are falling?

I am strong,

but to a certain extent.

This dry love is way too constant.

We were done.

We are back,

but it seems your raised walls remain the same.

At least for me,

because I read most of the messages

between you and your crazy, stalker chick

that you left me for. 

You were with her,

but you talked about me. 

You thought about me. 

All allegedly good things. 

You thought the grass was greener on the other side,

but you were wrong.

Even though you were wrong

it seems you had and maybe still have

more love for her

than you’ve ever had

and will ever have for me.

This green grass wants to remind you

that you fucked up twice.


If you do not try as hard with me

that you tried with the bad grass,

Darling, there won’t be a green grass.

Written by: Dorita C.

Morning Person

Mornings are tough. Well… for me it is. And with that, you can conclude that I am not a morning person. AT ALL. Actually, now as I’m getting older it is getting somewhat better. The number of days that I get up early have increased not just because of the time that I need to get to my classes but because I choose to. Last semester for who knows what reason I’d constantly wake up at exactly 7:42 in the morning. Which I obviously kind of liked and still do even though I am on break and still searching for a summer job and have yet to wakeup at 7:42 am during this break. Maybe I should earlier and not so late in the morning. The thing is, I do wakeup early. I just have a hard time getting out of bed. and sometimes I notice that I still need more sleep so I back to sleep for a bit and hope to wake up early enough to do things. Alarms are great, but they are annoying at the same time which is probably why they’re great.

Most times due to me not being a morning person at all, I tend to not worry about my hair. I usually settle for a ponytail. Sometimes that ponytail is messy. People have probably said or thought something about it, especially since it is a University filled with people, but I did not and to this day I still do not care. I’ll explain why in a future post. It has to do with me confirming something about me to myself. Well, two things about me.

Well, I know I am not the only one who is not a morning person, but… I sure do hope that you have better mornings than I do.


Until next post,

Dorita C.



With sensations of relaxation,

my body is afloat.

At least it feels afloat.

Now I want nothing more

than this feeling of ecstasy

along with the peace of mind

I have found.


it is the peace of mind

you have brought to me.

I am happy.

I am thankful.

I am.

In ecstasy.



Written By: Dorita C.


The tears I cry

are due to the heavy weight of pain and sorrow

that I hold in.

Don’t forget the negativity and backlash

I receive from people.

You hold it in and you hold it in

until eventually you can’t anymore.

With a heavy heart,

you’re faced with a decision.

What do I do with all this pain?

I have tried to hold it in.

I have tried to let it go,

only to realize that I was just holding it in again

without realization.

I decided to open up

which is what I have been doing lately

but most times when I do open up

I cry.


Written By: Dorita C.

Gold Digger

What do you do

when your own family

is the one persecuting you?

What do you do

when your own family

is the one who tells people

the negative qualities about you?

Get people thinking that you’re

good for nothing and a gold digger.

Mind you, you do not ask the family for money.

Mind you, you do not ask the family for nothing.

You simply let them know what they need to know regarding you.

You go to school,

your parent does the parent plus loan,

should you or should you not tell them

about your studies?

Especially your tuition,

even though they do not pay for your school.

The last time the parent sent money to help pay for tuition

was the half of thousand that others sent to help you pay for tuition

while you paid for the rest and a sibling sent

one hundred and one hundred to help pay for your school.

Now mind you,

you DO NOT ask for money

although your family, your parent, constantly insists that you do.

Maybe you have asked a few times,

maybe 5 times in your lifetime

when it had to do with a necessity.

But is that so bad?

Is that enough to call someone a gold digger?



Written by: Dorita C.