​Mister, Mister. 

To her you were sweet and kind.
To me you give shit and crap. 

You fantasize about me,

but your heart is still with her.

Mister, Mister.

I’m going out of my mind.

Please let me know,

What’s really going on. 

I gotta shit ton to do,

To the point I can’t handle a shitty mister.

I give a whole ton of shitty lot.

I try and try and try,

but still you live in your own world.

You’re busy, busy, busy.

And have things you don’t like.

Don’t forget, you have your limits.

I’m also busy, busy, busy.

But I still MAKE TIME for you.

I also have things I don’t like.

Remember, I too have my limits.

So Mister, Mister, Mister.

Please realize that it’s not just about you anymore.

Written by: Dorita C.


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