Do you even notice that my heart is broken? 

Do you even care that the stars are falling?

I am strong,

but to a certain extent.

This dry love is way too constant.

We were done.

We are back,

but it seems your raised walls remain the same.

At least for me,

because I read most of the messages

between you and your crazy, stalker chick

that you left me for. 

You were with her,

but you talked about me. 

You thought about me. 

All allegedly good things. 

You thought the grass was greener on the other side,

but you were wrong.

Even though you were wrong

it seems you had and maybe still have

more love for her

than you’ve ever had

and will ever have for me.

This green grass wants to remind you

that you fucked up twice.


If you do not try as hard with me

that you tried with the bad grass,

Darling, there won’t be a green grass.

Written by: Dorita C.


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