Morning Person

Mornings are tough. Well… for me it is. And with that, you can conclude that I am not a morning person. AT ALL. Actually, now as I’m getting older it is getting somewhat better. The number of days that I get up early have increased not just because of the time that I need to get to my classes but because I choose to. Last semester for who knows what reason I’d constantly wake up at exactly 7:42 in the morning. Which I obviously kind of liked and still do even though I am on break and still searching for a summer job and have yet to wakeup at 7:42 am during this break. Maybe I should earlier and not so late in the morning. The thing is, I do wakeup early. I just have a hard time getting out of bed. and sometimes I notice that I still need more sleep so I back to sleep for a bit and hope to wake up early enough to do things. Alarms are great, but they are annoying at the same time which is probably why they’re great.

Most times due to me not being a morning person at all, I tend to not worry about my hair. I usually settle for a ponytail. Sometimes that ponytail is messy. People have probably said or thought something about it, especially since it is a University filled with people, but I did not and to this day I still do not care. I’ll explain why in a future post. It has to do with me confirming something about me to myself. Well, two things about me.

Well, I know I am not the only one who is not a morning person, but… I sure do hope that you have better mornings than I do.


Until next post,

Dorita C.



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